Air Johnson is committed to meeting your needs.We focus on customer service, providing competitive pricing, with customer satisfaction a top priority We are always looking for better and more effective ways to serve our customers. We provide the best service, and products possible so that we can meet and exceed your expectations. Because you always have a choice, we want to be your first choice.

Quality Service

Air johnson offers full service maintenance on all heating and cooling appliances that we sell and even those we don't. Our service department is extremely well educated and qualified in all name brands and continue with updated training to keep up to the ever changing technology of todays advancements. You have invested a great amount of money to keep your home environment comfortable and energy efficient . At Air Johnson we aim to keep your home heating system and air condition working at its utmost energy efficiency way to provide you with the savings you expect and deserve. Have a look at our service reports to get an idea of how thorough & detailed your service will be. Our customers are very important to us and when you find for whatever reason the heat or air has gone out , you can call on us 24 hours a day and we will come to your home as soon as possible .



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Complete Care

Air Johnson will maintain your equipment to prevent future problems and unwanted cost.Keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance by having us do annual season check-up.Trained Air –Johnson specialized technicians will perform a professionally tune up and precision cleaning. With An Air Johnson Maintenance Membership you can be sure that your in good hands all through the year if its to hot or to cold.Our packages definitely give you a peace of mind.

Energy Analysis

We offer Energy Analysis Design, High Efficiency with Indoor Air Quality Implementation. Contact Air Johnson for the most comprehensive residential and commercial HVAC and Air Conditioning service needs. We hire experts in our field, and offer energy conservation advice. Come to us for all your air conditioning sales, service and installation needs. We don't simply repair components of your system, we exercise a thorough system analysis to make sure you are getting the optimum indoor air quality. Better air means less irritation for allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as better energy conservation.